(Last updated:  June 1, 2023)

Current Needs:

  • CITIZEN OF THE YEAR AWARD 2023 - March 2023.  Tamara Kaminski!  Watch for writeup and photo soon.
  • VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR AWARD 2022 - October 2022.  Wendy Featherstone!  Watch for writeup and photo soon.
  • Youth Volunteers are welcome to signup!  For Tuesdays and Thursdays after school.
  • Adult Volunteers are welcome to signup! For Tuesdays and Thursdays during playschool mornings.  
  • VOLUNTEER REGISTRATION FORM - Click Here to Complete the Form!  Now Available to Sign Up for Any and All Volunteering!  Email to request a paper copy here: recreation@hepburn.ca
  • VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR AWARD 2023!  Nominations OPEN June 1, 2023.  Deadline is September 8.


  • Open: Parks and Recreation Board Members Needed!  Click Here for Application Form:  https://forms.gle/qNzzZVkgcxCHeJZK8
  • PHOTOGRAPHERS:  Photographers are welcome to make submissions from Hepburn Events and Hepburn Life.  Photo credits will be given.  Please include your name and date of photo to recreation@hepburn.ca.
  • COMMUNITIES IN BLOOM:  Gardening and Landscaping Skills:  We are looking for PEOPLE who are interested in community gardens, growing things, talking to people, and winter-themed ideas, etc.
  • HEPBURN MINOR SOCCER:  Needs 3-5 board members.  Email:  hepburnsoccer@hotmail.com 
  • SHEPHERDS VILLA:  Needs 2 board members. Contact Jean-Yves Marsolais.  Phone: 306-947-2107.  Email: shepherdsvilla@gmail.com
  • HEPBURN FIRE/EMS DEPT:  Welcomes new applicants for Fire, EMS, or both.  Email for application package: info@hepburn.ca.
  • MUSEUM OF WHEAT:   Board members are welcome.
  • SENIORS ASSOCIATION:  New Members always welcome.
  • SKATE CLUB:  Call for Nominations.  See their facebook page.

Thank You To Volunteers Who Make a Difference!

  • TAMARA KAMINSKI!  Citizen of the Year for 2023!
  • WENDY FEATHERSTONE!  Volunteer of the Year for 2022!
  • Other Volunteer of the Year Nominees for 2022 - Jennifer Beaumont-Becker, Brenda Fyson, Doug Peters, Deidra Prosofsky, Troy Prosofsky, & Laurel Sexsmith. 
  • Residents who are helping clean-up and beautify the town all year-round - residences, businesses, and public areas! 
  • Coaches:  Year-Round!
  • Community Group Board Members:  Year-Round!

Award Winners

Hepburn Values the Spirit of Volunteering!  You can nominate a person for these awards by emailing recreation@hepburn.ca.  

Citizen of the Year Award (generally awarded Spring):

  • 2024:  To be announced in March 2024.
  • 2023:  Tamara Kaminski.
  • 2022:  No Award Given.
  • 2021: Warren Jeschke. 
  • 2020:  Jesse and Joy Nokinsky.
  • 2019: Erica Baerwald.
  • 2018: Tim & Neysa Wall.

Volunteer of the Year Award (generally awarded Summer/Fall):

  • 2023:  To Be Announced in October 2023.
  • 2022:  Wendy Featherstone
  • 2021: No Award Given.
  • 2020:  Jennifer Beaumont-Becker.
  • 2019: Teddi Dear.
  • 2018:  Janet Hamilton.

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