Doing Business in the Town of Hepburn

In this section, you will find information relevant to those operating a Business in Hepburn.  Find out more about local businesses, opportunities for businesses, and available services.

ARENA SPONSORSHIP:  Info Coming Soon.  Arena Sponsors welcome for the 2018-2019 season.  Email the office at  $100/year for local businesses, $500/yr for non-local/corporate businesses.

BUSINESS LICENSE FORMS:  To register your business with the Town of Hepburn, stop by the Town Office.  Business licenses are issued after completion of a form and a small annual fee.  Feel free to drop off promotional brochures, posters, &/or business cards at the Town Office.  Click here to print form: Business License Form.

EVENT SPONSORSHIP:  Info Coming Soon.  Sponsor Winter Festival March 2019 &/or Fair Days 2019 / Centennial Celebration.  You can select an amount ($100 to $1000 /event is the usual range of contributions).  Email the office at