Parks and Recreation Board

(Last updated:  September 6, 2021)


  • The Hepburn & District Parks and Recreation Board serves the current town population of 688.  The board has 7 members who are town residents.
  • The Hepburn & District Parks and Recreation Board serves an additional 526 residents from the R.M. of Laird.  The board has 2 members who are R.M. residents.
  • TOTAL!!  That's a total of 1214 people  (Canadian Census, 2016).   What will our population be by the next census in 2021?  Submit your guess to the office at 
  • Follow the Board on Facebook:  and through the monthly Hepburn Howler newsletter
  • Parks and Recreation programming and activities are under the umbrella of the Board.  Hepburn & District Parks and Recreation Board is made up of 9 members who represent Town Council, R.M. of Laird, and other community members.

Hepburn & District Parks and Recreation Board exists to promote a sense of community by coordinating wholesome, positive events, and programs that will bring all members of our community together.


  1. To provide community wide activities at least three times a year.
  2. To keep the community informed about events and programs through a newsletter.
  3. To encourage an active and healthy lifestyle for the members of our community.
  4. To provide support to organizations within our community.
  5. To promote intentional networking and communication between existing organizations.

Chairperson: Jennifer Beaumont-Becker

Members: Andrew Berg (Town Council Rep), Sheldon Willems (RM of Laird Rep), Doug Peters (Parks & Green Space Rep), Kim Poulsen, Troy Prosofsky, Cheryl Reddekopp (Treasurer), Lisa Braun (Secretary & Community Coordinator), Tim Baerwald.     

Meeting Date: 2nd Monday of each month at 7:00pm

Feedback:  Residents of Town and R.M. are welcome to submit input in writing to  Residents and/or community groups may request to be a delegation at monthly meeting by inquiring by the 1st Friday of each month.