Waste & Recycling

(Last updated: May 25, 2020)

Loraas Disposal provides each occupied residence with two 95-us gallon wheeled carts for the collection of waste and recycling.  Each cart has a serial number and is assigned to the residence. Do not paint or mark your address on your cart.  Vandalized, stolen or damaged carts will be replaced at the resident’s expense. Collection of waste and recycling is alternated on a bi-weekly basis.

*ORGANIC (Green Bins):  First Pickup is scheduled for May 13th.   Every 2nd Thursday.  

2021 Curbside Waste, Recycling & Organic Schedule
Organics - What is Allowed & What is NOT

Loraas Disposal
Email: customercare@loraas.ca
Phone: 306-242-2300
Website: loraas.ca

“What should I do if my bin wasn’t collected?” Contact the Town Office 306-947-2170 asap.   If you think that your street got missed, call the Office right away so they can check with dispatch before the driver leaves town.  

For Large Bin Rentals, contact Loraas at 306-242-2300 or http://www.loraas.ca/service-quote/ 

Mennon Waste Transfer Station

For fees, information, hours, & directions, please see the RM of Laird Website
Please note that the Waste Transfer Station is the responsibility of the R.M. of Laird.  
Contact the R.M. of Laird for the latest information (306) 945-2133.