Parks & Green Spaces

(Last updated: October 20, 2021)

*NEW:  NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAYGROUND:  Located at 114 South Hill Road. 

Watch for signage updates from September 2021-December 2022.  NOTE:  ICIP Grant was received in 2021 to fund this parkThis project is being facilitated through a Volunteer Team of Greg Klassen, Courtney Wall, Madeleine Gougeon, Chantal Marshall, Lisa Braun (Staff Liaison), and others. If you have questions, email Lisa at  Volunteer opportunities will be available.

*BALL DIAMONDS / BALL DIAMOND PARK AREA:  Located at 3rd Avenue North and RR#3060.  

To book a ball box key to access equipment, contact the office.  Community events are often located at this site, including NEW Fall Festival, June Fair Days, Spring Adult Ball League, Summer Adult Ball Tournament, Minor Ball teams, and private bookings. 

*CENTENNIAL PARK:  Located at Main Street & Railway Street. 

New Picnic Tables are in Place!  New Park Signs are Up, New Benches, Waste/Recycling Receptacles, and New Interpretative Historical Signs,  Key Partners So Far:  Hepburn Museum of Wheat Board, Hepburn Parks & Recreation Board, Hepburn Green Space Committee, Town Council, Hepburn Coop Board Legacy Donation, Heritage Canada Grant, Sask Community Lottery Grant, & More Names to Come. Key Vendors So Far: Matrix Construction, Lyndell Concrete Supply, Warren Jeschke Custom Woodworking, Zak's Home Hardware, Emerald Electric, Cal Signs & Designs, Madera/Blue Imp, & more to come. 

*CENTENNIAL STATION:  Located at Main Street & Railway Street. 

Includes electrical outlets, garbage bins, picnic tables, and access to window tarps for large events, upon request.  The new gazebo will be available first come, first serve.   If you wish to have this space for a specific event, you can post a sign to alert the community (e.g. wedding, family gathering, etc).  See guidelines located here:

*FLAGPOLE PARKLocated at Main Street & 1st Street East. 

This is the current location for flag poles, flower beds, and grass area.   This is the current site for Crokicurl surface in season.

*HEPBURN FOREST:  Located north of the Museum buildings, heading to the northeast. 

There is a gravel pathway, bench, waste receptacle, and lots of natural beauty to enjoy.  

*LITTLE FREE LIBRARY:  Located at Main Street & Railway Street.

There are 3 benches, 1 garbage bin, and a beautiful sheltered area for enjoying your book selection.  

*LITTLE PARKLocated at 2nd Street East & 1st Avenue South. 

There are swings, play structure, riders, benches, and waste receptacle.  Please supervise children on the playground.  Community use for younger children is the typical usage for this park.   This park has not normally been booked for private events.  NOTE:  ICIP Grant was received in 2021 to renovate this park.  Watch for signage and updates from September 2021 to December 2022!

*MUSEUM GROUNDS:   Located at Main Street & Railway Street. 

Parking is available along Railway Street lot, West Railway Street lot, and angle parking on Main Street.  Contact The Museum Board and also Town Office for inquiries about larger bookings and tours.  This site includes museum, annex, agent office, signage, implement row, windwill,  schoolhouse, and NEW self-guided historical signs.   *Site for Threshing Celebration, Outdoor Concerts, and Light the Night Event.

*SCHOOL PLAYGROUND & GROUNDS:  Located at 500-2nd Street East. 

Parking is available along Main Street, and in parking lot between school and arena.  This site includes playground, hoops, outdoor classroom, benches, soccer fields, ball diamond, and track area.

Send us a messsage! Your input is welcome.  Hepburn Parks and Recreation Board has been reviewing current spaces that the Town owns and uses for activities year-round.    We are open to input about how we use these spaces and other community spaces for events, programs, and ideas.