Hepburn Marketplace 

 (Last updated:  June 14, 2021)

To be a vendor, contact hepburnmarketplace@gmail.com.

To see updates and event, follow Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/hepburnmarketplace


Good Eat'n Honey
• Knotty things made with String
• Nats in the Wood
• Plexus
• Hepburn Community Group - different one each week.  Contact Lisa to sign up for a date.
• Tupperware by Adrienne
• Mary Kay
• Ocean to Prairie Jewelry
• Pie's & Roll Kuchen by Lanaya
Petter Farms (starting June 30th)
• Twinkle Treats
• Prairie Girl Creative
• Scentsy - Alyssa
• Rainbow Playdough
• Allan Freitag - Wood Art
• Pioneer Meats
• Earth Blessings Natural Products Ltd
• Aboriginal Inspired Art by Starla Bruneau
• Jenny Diller Pottery
• Sunset Gourmet by Colleen
• Watkins - Justina
• MB Church
• Waldheim Library
Prairie Hues Photography - photo booth!!
List is growing everyday, stay tuned. We have lots of room for more Vendors. Send a message with your email and we can send you a application.