Welcome to the Town of Hepburn.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.  Email us at info@hepburn.ca or call us 306-947-2170.


2016 Municipal Elections: The polls are open Wednesday, October 26, from 9.00am to 8.00pm, at The Centre, Main Street, Hepburn.   The election results will be declared on Thursday, October 27, at 11.00am, at the Town Office.


Candidate Nominations

Please click here to view the Abandonment of Poll for Mayor, the Notice of Poll for Councillors, the Notice of Advance Poll and Notice of Poll for the Vote on a Question

As per Section 67 (8) the Returning Officer or Nomination Officer shall post  in an area to which members of the  public have access in the municipal office copies of the nomination papers received. All nomination papers received by the Town of Hepburn for the 2016 Municipal Election have been placed as such.

In addition, as per Section 67 (9) nomination papers may be made publicly available by posting on a website or by other electronic means. As such, please find below copies of all nomination papers received:

Candidates for Mayor (posted in alphabetical order by last name)

Jeff Peters – Nomination Form

Candidates for Councillors (posted in alphabetical order by last name)

Rhonda Barron – Nomination Form
Chris Becker – Nomination Form
Chris Crockett – Nomination Form
Ken Jeschke – Nomination Form
Craig Kosowan – Nomination Form
Brian Willms – Nomination Form
  • Utility Rates: Utility rates have been revised due to increases received from Saskwater in 2015 and 2016, and increased sewer maintenance costs. The new rates will be in effect starting August 1, 2016. Please click here to view the revised water and sewer rates.
  • E-Bills & Online Banking: The Town can email utility bills and Town Notices.  Please sign-up using this form – EMAIL NOTICES CONSENT FORM.  Online banking payments are a convenient way to take care of utilities and taxes. To sign up, go to your online banking account and add the Town of Hepburn as a payee.  To enter an account number, use the letter ‘U’ for utilities and ‘T’ for Taxes followed by a 0 and your 3 digit tax roll number.  Example: Utility account number – U0(Tax Roll Number)  Taxes account number – T0(Tax Roll Number).   NOTE: Different banks may require more or less zeros.  Please contact the Town office if you have any difficulties setting up the payee.
  • Serviced Residential Lot for Sale: 216 3RD AVE S LOT FOR SALE   216 3rd Ave S Parcel Pic ISC   216 3rd Ave S – SAMA PropertyInformationReport
  • Waterworks Overview: The 2015 Hepburn Waterworks Financial Overview is available here –  Notice to consumers – waterworks financial overview 2015
  • Development and Building Permits:  Permits are required for most construction projects including decks, basement development and accessory buildings, as well as demolitions. Please click here for permit application forms.