(Last updated: May 14, 2018)

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  • View the Upcoming Events page for a month by month listing.
  • Visit the bulletin boards at Town Office.
  • Read the Howler here.
  • Send in Questions to info@hepburn.ca We’ve been asked about Valley Cup, Fair Days, minor soccer, Centennial Celebration Committee, volunteering, building permit applications, Car Show, Loraas Plastics Recycling updates, Loraas Organics Green Bins, and MORE!
  • After Hours Emergency Concerns about Water/Sewer – call 306-947-0000.  During Office Hours Monday to Friday 9-12, 1-5 – call 306-947-2170.
FIRE BAN LIFTED MAY 25th at 4:00 p.m.:
  • Public Notice:  As of May 25, 2018, 4.00pm, The fire ban has been removed for the Town of Hepburn.  Please remember the following rules when having a fire in Town:
    • Fire must be contained within a non-combustible fire box constructed of material such as cement, brick or metal and covered with a heavy gauge metal screen.
    • The fire pit be situated at least 3 meters (9.8 feet) from any combustible materials (ie. fences or buildings).
    • A receptacle shall be covered with a heavy gauge screen with openings not exceeding 13 millimeters (0.5 inches).
    • Only cut, seasoned wood or charcoal shall be used to fuel outdoor fires. The burning of the following materials is prohibited:
      • Rubbish; Defined as: 1. Waste material; refuse or litter 2. Material that is considered unimportant or valueless
      • Garden refuse; Defined as: Natural organic matter discarded from gardens and yards including leaves, grass clippings, prunings, brush and stumps
      • Manure;
      • Livestock or animal carcasses; and
      • Any material which when burned will generate black smoke or an offensive odour including insulation from electrical wiring or equipment, asphalt roofing materials, hydrocarbons, plastics, rubber materials, creosoted wood or any similar material.
    • All outdoor fires shall have responsible supervision at all times to prevent their spread.
    • No person shall light an outdoor fire when the weather conditions are conducive to creating a running fire or allowing the smoke from the fire to be a nuisance to another person (smoke drift).
    • Open-air fires shall be adequately ventilated to ensure proper combustion to prevent an unreasonable accumulation of smoke. If smoke from an open-air fire causes an unreasonable interference with the use and enjoyment of another person’s property, the fire shall be extinguished immediately.
  • Drinking Water Quality and Compliance – Annual Notice to Consumers hepburn notice to consumers 2017
  • REMINDER:  ORGANIC WASTE COLLECTION:  Deadline to sign up is May 25th.  Email the office at info@hepburn.ca. We need 25 customers to book this service, and we are about half-way to that number. Click here to view:  Organic Waste Notice.  Loraas Organics Composting is now available curbside for monthly rate of $8/month.   Organic waste will be picked up every 2 weeks beginning June 1 and ending October 31.   Click here for website.
  • CLEAN UP DAY: Saturday, May 26, 9am-5pm.  Click here to view permitted materials for: Metal Bin. & for: Loraas Waste Bin.
  • HEPBURN SLO-PITCH LEAGUE: Games are Tuesdays and Thursdays, at Hepburn Ball Diamond, at northeast side of town.  Click here to view the League Rules:  Hepburn Slo-Pitch Rules.  Click here to view the League Schedule: 2018 Slo-Pitch Schedule.
  • GARAGE SALE DAY COMING SOON:  Please register your garage sale and we will include you on the map.  Return completed registration form to town office with payment of $2 before May 18, and you will be delivered a package with maps and balloons.  Garage Sales should be open from 9am-3pm.  If you choose to have extended hours, list those details on your form.  Click here to print form: Garage Sale Registration Form 2018.
  • BYLAWS:  Town Bylaws are “pdf” files on the “Town Office” page of the website. Click here to view: Bylaws Listing.  If you have a complaint about a bylaw, please use the Complaint Form to report your concern.  Click here to view: Complaint Form.
  • PLASTICS: Update from Loraas.  “Based on changes in the market, post-consumer plastic film (plastic bags, food wrap, cellophane wrapping, bubble wrap, etc) have been virtually eliminated with the new “national Sword” program instituted by China.  China was the only viable recycling market for post-consumer plastic film prior to this program coming into effect.  We appreciate your assistance in complying with this new change, effective April 1, 2018″ (Loraas Disposal Services Ltd).   Click here for Loraas Website:  Loraas Plastics Update.
  • RATE INCREASE:  Utilities Rate Increase effective May 1, 2018.    See notice posted at the town office and at the water plant in the next week.  See Bylaw Here: Bylaw regarding rates for Sewer and Water.
  • SAVE THE DATE: The Town of Hepburn will be celebrating 100 Years!   Join us for the Centennial Celebration in conjunction with Fair Days:  June 14-16, 2019.  Tell your friends and family to plan a visit for the event.  Watch for more updates from the Planning Committee.
  • SaskPower Reporting System.  If you see a concern about a street light, please check here and click on the specific location to report an outage.   Report Street Light Problems Here.


  • Mennon Waste Transfer Site – Seasonal Hours Changeover is April 1st.  April 1st to September 30th: Every Thursday – 12 noon to 8 pm and 1st & 3rd Saturday of the Month – 9 am to 5 pm.   See the RM of Laird for information on accepted materials and pricing rates for Town of Hepburn customers: Transfer Waste Site Rates.
  • AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM UPDATES:  The Program is still welcoming new participants aged Kindergarten to Grade 5.   Click here: New Promo Poster.  Sign up today for Drop-In May dates – last day is Tuesday, May 29th.   Click here: After School Program Registration Form.  The Program is planning for 5 days a week programming for Fall 2018.  Direct your inquiries about Fall Registration to hepburnasp@hotmail.com.
  • RAFFLE TICKETS:  “Hepburn Sew 4 Fun Group” are selling raffle tickets on a beautiful homemade quilt to raise funds for a special Hepburn Centennial Commemorative Quilt for June 2019.  Ask Rita Klein about it!  Tickets $5/each at the Town Office or contact Rita Klein 306-947-2066.  Photo of the quilt is on display at Town Office.


  • May 14 – Note:  The FIRE BAN is STILL ON!
  • May 14/21/28 – Quilters Group, Centre.  Contact:  Alice Pilatus.
  • 15/17/22/24/29/31 – Hepburn Slo-Pitch League.  See schedule above.
  • 15/22 – Sew 4 Fun Group, afternoon.  Tuesdays.  Contact:  Rita Klein.
  • 15/17/22/24/29- After School Program, 3-6pm.
  • 16/23/30 – Mom’s Program.  Wednesdays.   9am.  In the Park on May 16th! Follow Facebook Page.
  • 16/23/30 – Morning Coffee at The Centre, by The Centre.  Reminder that all are welcome.  Wednesdays 9-10am.
  • THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT FOR REFIT.  Watch for upcoming fall session notices.

If you want your Community Group event or activity noted here, email info@hepburn.ca.