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(Last updated:  February 2, 2018)

This page includes information, notices, bylaws, reports, forms, and rates.  Have a question that is not answered here?  Send an email to  Updates are also on the Home Page.   After a few weeks, all updates are filed alphabetically here.


  • Concerns –  “How do I register a complaint?”  Put it in writing – send us an email.  A complaint is not official or registered until you fill out the Town of Hepburn Complaint Form.   This information is entered into an online system that notifies our Bylaws Officer about infractions regarding nuisance, animal control, parking, or other bylaw areas.   Click here: Complaint Form.  If you wish to present a concern or item in person to council, use the Council Delegation Request Form and submit the Friday before next council meeting.
  • Loraas Info: “What do I do if my bin wasn’t collected?” Contact Loraas &/or Town Office.  Collection Schedule 2017 is available here.  Questions about services, call (306) 242-2300, M-F 8.00am-5.00pm.  If you think that your street got missed, call Loraas right away so they can check with the driver before they leave town.  For Bin Rentals, contact Loraas  at 306-242-2300 or
  • Animal Registration  “Do I still need to register my pet?”   Yes, thanks for continuing to register your pets.  Your animal should have a collar to wear the tag that you were given at registration.   This helps us identify lost or wandering pets.  If you see a wandering pet, please include a photo with your complaint form.
  • Rentals:  “How can I rent a facility space in Hepburn?   Check out the “Forms and Registrations” page on the website, or call the Town Office for more info 306-947-2170.


  • LORAAS COLLECTION SCHEDULE:  Click here to view the schedule – Hepburn 2018 Waste & Recycle Collection Calendar.  Note: if you print this document in black and white, choose a photo/higher quality print setting in order to see the contrast between the red/blue codes for waste and recycling.
  • Office Closures – Monday, February 19
  • Council Delegation Forms Due – Friday, February 16
  • Next Council Meeting – Wednesday, February 21

FROM A to Z:

  • A-Access Road – If you have questions or feedback, check out these links:
  • A-Animal License Registration Form – Animal that need registering include DOGS, CATS, HENS, and HORSES.  Hens and Horses do not need tags. Registration fees and fines are in effect as of August 1st.  Click here for Animal Control Bylaw & Animal License Registration Form.  Include a photo – email to Office.
  • B-Bylaws: Bylaws are the municipal regulations that guide the work of the Town.  The Town Council, in conjunction with Town Staff, provide the framework for the function, procedures, and fees for town services.   Bylaws complaints and violations are monitored and enforced by the Twin Rivers Bylaws Officer.  The current Town of Hepburn Bylaws are listed further down on this page.
  • C-Census:  The 2016 census notes Hepburn’s population at 688 residents.
  • C-Clean-Up Days:  Accepted & Non-accepted Materials.  Thanks for your participation. Next Cleanup Days are May 26, 2018 and October 20, 2018.
  • C-Complaint Form:  For anyone with concerns about animals in Hepburn, this is the form that you should use.  Complete and email to If you want to note a concern about bylaws, please use this form.  Complaint Form.
  • C-Council:  Staff listing on “Contact” page.   View Council Listing here.
  • C-Council Delegation Form:  If you want to present a delegation to Town Council, please use this new form and submit on or before the Friday before council meeting.  Approved delegations have a set amount of time to present at the beginning of a Council Meeting.   New Council Delegation Request Form.
  • C-Council Meeting:  Council meets the 3rd Wednesday of every month in Town Office, 7.00pm.  Adjustments to this schedule will be posted.  Summer meetings have been adjusted.
  • D-Dumping:  REMINDER:  No unauthorized dumping of garbage, yard clippings, or other refuse is permitted within town limits or in the rural municipality.  Fines will be issued according to bylaw enforcement guidelines.  Nuisance Bylaw here –
  • E-Electronic Bills:  Please help us reduce paper and increase the speed of your bill’s arrival by signing up for E-Bills and Notices today.   You can print and return a completed Email Notices Consent Form by email, mail, or in person.  THANK YOU – 42% of Hepburn households have signed up for e-bills!
  • F-Finances:  Town of Hepburn 2015 Financial Statements.  Information for 2016 will be posted here.
  • F-Forms: Town of Hepburn Forms are important tools for gathering and compiling necessary information regarding various programs, services, and events. The current Town of Hepburn Forms are listed in a separate section below.
  • G-Garage Sale:  Register by May 22.  Sale is Saturday May 27, 9am-3pm.  Thanks for your participation!  Next year’s dates:  May 26, 2018.
  • H-Halloween:   This is a general Community Reminder to be Safe.  Please be watchful as pedestrians and drivers on the Hepburn roads from after school through early evening.  There are lots of great safety tips and recommendations out there from various organizations – I selected the Red Cross notice to link here for this year.  Click here for more information: Halloween Safety Tips.
  • H-Hepburn Housing Authority:  Application forms for rental housing are available at the Town Office.  Linda Raby is the Hepburn Housing Authority Manager.  Questions can be directed to her at 306-497-2824 or
  • M-Mowing: Please keep the ditches along your property maintained.
  • O-Online Banking Payments: Go to your online banking account and add the Town of Hepburn as a payee.  To enter an account number, use the letter ‘U’ for Utilities and the letter ‘T’ for Taxes, followed by a 0 and your 3 digit tax roll number.  Example: Utility account number – U0(Tax Roll Number). Taxes account number – T0(Tax Roll Number).  NOTE: Different banks may require more or less zeros.
  • P-Postcards:  If you know a child or youth with ideas, encourage them to stop by the office to pick up and complete a Postcard with the tagline “I think that the Town of Hepburn needs…..”  Stop by in summer and fill out a postcard, and get KIDVENTURE PASSPORT stamped.
  • P-Property Assessment Update:  Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency (SAMA) has completed updated property assessment information. Assessment revaluations are based on a four-year cycle. The 2017 revaluation updates assessed values to reflect a new base date of January 1, 2015 (i.e., reflect a property’s value as of January 1, 2015).   See and/or view property assessment information here.
  • P-Property Assessment Questions: If you wonder how assessment works, click here.
  • P-Property Sales: Want to Buy Property, Want to Sell Property?  Post your advertisement on the Town Office bulletin boards – there’s an outdoor one by the Post Office, and an indoor one in the Town Office entrance.  There is also a binder at the office.   Click here to view current listings at Point 2 Homes.
  • P-Property Taxes:  These notices are issued in July annually.  Last year, they were dated July 28.  This year notices were mailed July 5.  There is 4% off if paid in full by August 31, 3% by September 30, 2% by October 31, 1% by November 30.    Unpaid accounts will be charged 7% interest on January 1st, and 1% per month on the balance owing for every month thereafter.
  • Q-Questions? Contact the Town Office.  Council meetings happen on a monthly basis (the 3rd Wed/month), so information on regular maintenance and plans happen on this cycle.  We will keep updates going into the Howler from Town Council and Town Staff (the first Fri/month).  If you want to know something we haven’t told you yet, email or call with your questions.  Thanks for communicating with us.
  • R-Rabies Concerns:  Provincial Rabies Response Program – If you suspect an animal may be carrying rabies, contact 1-844-772-2437.
  • S-Sale Items: Cookbooks. $5/book.  Available at the arena and the office.
  • S-SaskAlert.  Subscribe to SaskAlert.  Click here:  Click on the App Store links on this page to download the Sask Alert App.
  • School Calendar:  We love our school and we care about scheduling.  Be aware of school closures and longer breaks as you plan events and activities.  2017-2018 calendar available at the Town Office for your convenience – School Calendar .  Click on the Hepburn School website for more info –
  • S-Skunk Concerns:  Email the office at with your address, name, and description of skunk sightings, and we will add you to the list.  *If you or a pet has an encounter with a skunk, this product has been recommended:  Nature’s Miracle Skunk Odor Remover (Recommended by Beckers).
  • S-Spring Roadwork:  Spring road patching begins when the temperature is warm enough.   Specific locations needing attention can be emailed into the office at
  • S-Staff:  Staff listing on “Contact” page.   View Staff Directory here.
  • S-Summer Maintenance: Please keep the areas along your property looking good!  Thanks for keeping grass cut in ditches and along sidewalks, and trimming trees to keep view and walkways clear, and keeping sidewalks clear of snow and ice during the winter.
  • S-Surveyor’s Certificates:  The Town does not have surveyor’s certificates or complete land surveys.  Surveying is the responsibility of SLSA.  For a certificate for your property, contact or 306-352-8999.
  • T-Tree Trimming:  Trees are to be kept trimmed in order to allow the grader to pass without being damaged.  At least 10-12 ft. high over streets and alleys.  Trimmed back to property lines if lower than 10 – 12 ft.  Sidewalk areas are to be trimmed to edge of sidewalk to not encroach on pedestrians and at least 8 ft. high over sidewalks.  Thank you for your cooperation.
  • T-Tree Branch Solution –  Did you know that The Tree Whisperer will leave chipped mulch in town if they are working in our town and the customer doesn’t want it?
  • U-Utilities:  Monthly Breakdown on Town Utility Billing (by mail or email): Infrastructure fee $3.40.  Garbage/recycling fee $20.00.  Sewer fee $18.00. Water base charge $104.58.  Additional water consumption fee, over 1000 gallons at $13.25/gallon.
  • V-Volunteer of the Year Nomination Form Available.  It is presented at Fair Days Weekend, scheduled this year for June 15-17, 2018.  Print, complete, and submit the Volunteer of the Year Award Form by May 29.
  • V-Volunteer Recognition: Say thanks to volunteers throughout the year!  National Volunteer Week:  April 22-28, 2018.
  • V-Volunteers Welcome! New to Town?  If you want to meet people and get involved, email to sign up for occasional volunteer opportunities – eg serving at a community meal, helping with the Howler, etc.
  • V-Volunteers at the School.  Go to School Website:
  • W-Water and Sewer Rates:  Click here to view the Updated Rates for Water and Sewer – 42-2017.
  • W-Waterworks Notice:  View here: Notice to Consumers – Waterworks 2016.
  • W-Wild Animals – Concerned about skunks, coyotes, or other wild animals?  The town now has traps for skunks.  Email the office.  Do you suspect the animal has rabies?  Call 1-800-667-7561 Conservation Officer OR 1-844-772-2437 Provincial Rabies Hotline. Is the animal injured, orphaned, etc?  Call 1-306-242-7177 Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Sask.   Have you had an aggressive wildlife encounter?  Call 1-800-667-7561 Sask Environment TIP line.  General wildlife concern?  Call 1-800-567-4224 Sask Environment.
  • W-Well Decommissioning:  If you need info on decommissioning wells, click info here: Water Security Agency site.
  • W-Water Cards: Cards are available at the Town Office.   Truck Fill – $21.50/1,000 gallons on May 1st, 2017.  Loonie and Toonie rolls also available at the Town Office.
  • W-Waste & Recycling Calendar: The Loraas Collection Schedule is available here, and also on the Town Hall page if you forget which Friday it is!  If you have questions about collection services, call (306) 242-2300, M-F 8.00am-5.00pm.  If you think that your street got missed, please contact us.  Click here – Hepburn 2018 Waste & Recycle Collection Calendar.  Note: if you print this document in black and white, choose a photo/higher quality print setting in order to see the contrast between the red/blue codes for waste and recycling.
  • W-Waste Bin Rentals:  Contact Loraas  at 306-242-2300 or
  • W-Waste Site Schedule:  For Mennon Transfer Waste Site fees, information, and directions, click here.   Hours for October 1 – March 31:  Every Thursday: 10:00am – 4.00pm; and 1st and 3rd Saturday: 10:00am – 4:00pm.   Hours for April 1 – September 30: Every Thursday:  12:00pm – 8:00pm; and 1st and 3rd Saturday: 9:00am – 5:00pm.  Please note that the Site is the responsibility of the R.M. of Laird.  **NOTICE: A delegation from the R.M. of Laird presented changes to Mennon Transfer Waste Site Access and Prices at June 14th Council Meeting.  
    • The Mennon Site is no longer open to Waldheim residents, and the Waldheim Site is no longer open to Hepburn residents.
    • Burnable Wood & Yard Refuse charges are as follows:  NEW $200/semi-load, $100/tandem truck load, $45/half-ton truck or utility trailer load, and $20/minimum small load.   Do not bag materials.
    • Debit payment is now available at the site.
    • Rural customers will need to identify their land location to confirm free use of the site.
    • Site Hours are: 1st and 3rd Saturday 9am-5pm, and Thursdays 12-8pm
    • Reminder – No dumping at the gate, along ditches outside site, or any rural property en route to the site.  Please be responsible for the appropriate disposal of waste.
    • Station Information & Charges – &


Bylaws are defined and described above.  Did you know that we have a Bylaws Officer who responds to bylaw complaints and concerns?  If you have a complaint in regards to one of the bylaws noted below, please use this new *form and send to the Town Office.


Forms help the Town Office do what we do.  Did you know that we have a special “Forms & Registrations” page for the Town and Community Groups?   If you have a form to suggest to us, please contact the Town Office.