Public Notices

  • Public Notice: Council will be establishing a purchasing policy - Official Notice
  • Public Notice:  Traffic Bylaw Amendment 57-2018: adopted December 19, 2018.   The Council of the Town of Hepburn in the Province of Saskatchewan enacts as follows:  The following amendment be made to the Traffic Bylaw No 49-2017, Appendix 6, No Parking Signs.  1) During regular school days between 8.00 am and 3.30pm on the East side of 2nd Street East between Main Street and First Avenue North.   2) No Semi Truck / Trailer Parking in the Arena Parking Lot (Bylaw No. 57-2018).  NOTE:  New Signs were posted at the Arena Parking Lot in January 2019.  

Seasonal Reminders (Spring):

- Animal Waste:  Ensure animal waste is picked up immediately on your travels through town (dog, cat, &/or horse).

- Street Sweeping:  Tuesday April 30th, 7am-1pm, beginning with Main Street.

- Recreational Fire Reminders:   Please note these rules for: Recreational Fires.

- Fire Ban for R.M. of Laird:   This ban does NOT apply to the Town of Hepburn.  If a fire ban would be issued, the Town of Hepburn / Town Council issues its own ban.    These notices would be posted on Town Bulletin Board, Facebook, and Town Website.

  • NEW:  Little Library Launch.  9am-3pm.  Watch for more details.
  • NEW:  Fundraiser Hot Dog Lunch and Donut Sale.  9am-1pm.  By Hepburn Before and After School Program.  Watch for more details.

- Organic Waste Program:  Sign-up is now closed.  If you want to be on a waiting list (in case of a cancellation this year, or to be ahead for next year 2020), email your request to the Town Office. Email   First Pick-Up Date is Thursday, May 2, and EVERY OTHER WEEK.  Program runs May through October.  

- Potholes:  Pothole repair will begin when temperatures are warm enough.