(Last updated: January 18, 2019).

"The Hepburn Howler” is the Hepburn & Area Community Newsletter.  The publication is free to all individuals and businesses who have post office boxes at Hepburn Canada Post.  If you would like to submit an item, contact the office by the last Monday of each month.  If there is information that you would like to see in the Howler, let us know.

  • Submission Deadline is the last Monday of the month, by 5:00pm.  Email your submission items to
  • Distribution Date - First Friday of the month.
  • Volunteers are needed for folding and preparing the mailing on the first Friday of the month. Email to sign up for volunteering.  Generally we need 4-5 volunteers to get the prep done in a timely way.  Or see the online signup may be available!
  • Town Council and Town Office News (Page 1 & Page 3):  This info is based on the work and discussions of Council and Staff.  If you have questions or topics that you want addressed, please contact
  • Extra Copies:  If you would like extra copies of the Howler, stop by the Town Office for pickup. One copy per mailbox will be distributed on Friday publication afternoons.  If your business would like to have copies of the Howler, email to sign up for this service and indicate number of copies.
  • Responses & Feedback: If you find an extra spa ce, wrong punctuation!, or spelling misstake, (etc!!), please email as soon as you see it!
  • Mailing Idea:  Do you want a copy mailed to another address?  Please contact me to find out more.

*Thanks to our Mailing Volunteer Crew – join the fun!  Thanks to Leanne Thiessen, Jeff Peters, Win Tkachuk, Gerry Tkachuk, and Jackie Hutchinson for your assistance in July!

Copies:  The Howler is also available now at Golden Chef, Cuts & Curls, Hepburn Agencies, Hepburn Post Office foyer, Bethany Campus, The Centre, and Hepburn School.  Would you like copies at your location?  Let the office know.

Current Issue:   The latest edition of the Howler will be on the website, generally posted on the Monday following publication.

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