Forms and Registrations

(Last updated: July 4, 2019)

**Please send forms and links to the office at


*NEW: ENERGY EFFICIENCY COMPLIANCE FORM - New Form due to Section 9.36 of National Building Code of Canada.  Must be submitted with all building permits beginning January 2019.  Click here to view form.

*NEW: CITIZEN OF THE YEAR AWARD NOMINATION FORM - This award is handed out annually at the Winter Festival, during the first weekend of March of each year.  This award is given to an individual who has made a commitment to bettering our community.  This could be in a longtime investment, a significant project, a leadership role, or a quiet steady presence in the community.   Nomination forms are due to the office on Friday February 8th.  Drop off or email to by Feb 1, 2019.  Presented at Winter Festival, March 2019.  Click here to view nomination form.


MINOR HOCKEY REGISTRATION – @ Hepburn School, AGM June 6th.  See their facebook page.  Hepburn Minor Hocke

PLAYSCHOOL REGISTRATION – @ Playschool, January registration for 3-year old class.  See their facebook page.  Hepburn Cooperative Playschool.

BUSINESS LICENSE FORMS:  To register your business with the Town of Hepburn, stop by the Town Office.  Business licenses are issued after completion of a form and a small annual fee.  Feel free to drop off promotional brochures, posters, &/or business cards at the Town Office.  Click here to print form: Business License Form.

A to Z

  • A – After School Program – At Bethany College Campus.  Early Bird Rates are $40/family.  Regular Rates for family membership $50/family. Program Begins September 4, 2018.
  • A – AIA Soccer Camp – Summer Camp held annually.  Dates for 2018 July 23-27.  Saskatchewan Camp Registration.  Hepburn Contact:  Kim B, Hepburn MB Church, at 306-947-2085. AIA SK Contact:  Alvin T, at 306-491-2628
  • B – Babysitting Course – Babysitting Course Registration Form – Jennifer Becker.  Register at Town Office.  Next Course March 24, 2018.  Babysitting Course Registration Form Spring
  • B – Ball – Clinic Registration Form. – June 3, 10, 2017. 10am-12pm for ages 5-8.  1-3pm for ages 9-12.  Dates for 2018 under discussion.   Ball Clinic Registration Form.
  • B – Baton Twirling Program Forms:  Program coached by Chantelle Smith.  Sessions run Thursdays 6:15-7:15pm, Bethany College Gym, Thur N16/23/30/D7/14/J11/18/25/F1.  Click here for all the details: Baton Twirling Info & Registration Forms.  
  • B- Business License Registration Form:  Form.  Business License Registration Form can be returned to the office with a $5/form payment.
  • C- Centre – The Hepburn Centre Rental Form:  The Hepburn Centre Rental Policy Form.  Call Lydia 306-947-2440 or Jim 306-947-2809 to book.
  • F – First Aid/CPR Course – April 9/10 at Hepburn School – Chris Becker/Sharalife.  Registration Form 2018.  Deadline is March 29.  You need to include the email address for your form.  9 participants completed the course.  Watch for upcoming dates.  Next dates TBA.
  • H – Minor Hockey – September 19.  Begins Oct.  Hepburn Minor Hockey Facebook Page.
  • J – Jumpstart –  Canadian Tire charity – giving kids a sporting chance & getting kids in the game since 2005.  You can apply for funding (as individual/family or as a group/organization or make a donation.
  • P – Playschool – September 7.   Begins Sept/Oct.  Playschool Registration Form.  Playschool Parent Handbook.  See website
  • R – REFIT Exercise Class – REFIT Waiver & Information Form – for classes held from November 8 to December 6.
  • S – School – See School Website for Links and Information:  School Volunteer Form:
  • S – Indoor Soccer Program – Alvin Thielmann.  Deadline TBA.  Starts November 7 and goes until Apr.  Forms available at the Town Office, School, Hepburn MB Church.



Animal License Registration Form
Email Notices Consent Form
Basement Development Form
Complaint Form
Deck Development Form
Council Delegation Request Form
Garage Development Form – detached
Garage Development Form – attached
Development Permit & Minor Variance Form
Development and Building Permit Application Form – all projects need this form
Residential Building Regulations – guidelines about frontage and regulations
Water and Sewer Account Application Form
*Garage Sale Registration Form – late May, annually.  May 27, 2017 9-3. Garage Sale Registration Form.

Contact:  Brad W or Lisa B, at 306-947-2170 or


Hepburn Arena

Arena Rental Application Form

Bookings for Lobby/Kitchen are available.

Contact:  Tim H, at 306-947-7666 or

Hepburn Centennial Bowl

Rental Form Coming Soon.

Bookings for parties, groups, and events are available.

Contact: Janet H, at 306-947-2192.

Hepburn Centre

Rental Form Coming Soon.

Bookings are available.

Contact:  Lydia P, at 306-947-2440.

Hepburn MB Church Kidventure

Form Coming Soon.

Programming in Summer, Easter Break, and as advertised.

Summer Dates 2018 – August TBA

Spring Break 2018 – April 3-6.

Contact: Kelsie-Lynn H, at 306-947-2085

KidVenture Program Information

Hepburn Minor Hockey

Contact: Minor Hockey Board.

Follow Hepburn Minor Hockey on Facebook

Hepburn Minor Soccer

Contact: Laurel S, at 306-947-4225.

Follow Hepburn Minor Soccer on Facebook

Hepburn Page at Valley Soccer – this is kept up to date with current info.

Fundraiser – Prairie Meats Form – forms due to minor soccer player, board by May 3.

Hepburn Parks and Rec Board

Citizen of the Year Nomination Form – due Feb 1, 2019.  Presented at Winter Festival, March 2019.

Volunteer of the Year Award Form – due May 15, 2018.  Presented at Fair Days, June 2018.

Contact:  Town Office, at 306-947-2170 or Jenn Becker, Chairperson, at 306-947-2470.

Follow Hepburn Parks and Rec on Facebook.