Facility Rentals

(Last updated:  October 21, 2020)

*Book your event in the Town of Hepburn.  Links to rental FORMS AND FEES are coming soon.

*Re-Open Sask Guidelines should be followed in planning all events and bookings.  Contact the organization for the most updated information.  Find out more at:  Link.

Options include: 

  • The Centre - 422 Main Street - including common space, kitchen, & adjacent grounds.  Contact Jim and Dorothy at 306-947-2809.
  • Museum of Wheat - Main Street/Railway Street - including annex, grounds, schoolhouse, and gazebo.  Contact Simon at 306-225-5895.
  • Bethany College - 703-2nd Street East, including gymnasium, classrooms, accommodations, full-service kitchen, dining hall, and various spaces.  Contact Nicole at 306-947-2175.
  • Golden Chef - 318 Main Street - including meeting room space.  Contact Jessica at 306-947-2052.
  • Hepburn School - 500-2nd Street East - including gymnasium, library, meeting/conference room.  No bookings available at this time.  Contact Sandra at 306-947-2077.
  • Hepburn Gospel Church - 706-2nd Street East - various spaces.  Contact Jesse at 306-947-2143.
  • Hepburn MB Church - 221-2nd Avenue South - various spaces.  Contact Kim at 306-947-2085.
  • The Workshop, Hepburn MB Church - 221-2nd Avenue South .  Contact Kim at 306-947-2085.
  • Hepburn & District Arena - 600-2nd Street East - including ice, lobby, and concession.  Contact Tim at 306-947-7666 or arena@hepburn.ca.   Bookings begin December 1st (approximately).  Lobby event inquiries may be available by mid-November.
  • Hepburn Centennial Bowl - 308 Main Street - including lanes and multipurpose room.  See New Facebook Page!  Contact Bowling Alley at 306-947-2073.