Volunteer Opportunities

(Last updated:  August 10, 2020) 

Thank YOU to...

  • Volunteer of the Year Award Recipient:  Jennifer Beaumont-Becker!
  • Thanks to HOWLER VOLUNTEERS from January to March 2020.   We have shifted to e-delivery now!  Sign up to get e-billing and e-howler! R.M. residents can also sign up to receive the Howler by email!
  • Thanks to Community Members who are helping one another during the time of COVID-19.
  • Thanks to Community Members who are helping clean-up and beautify the town this spring and summer - your own residences, businesses, and public areas. 

Needs & Openings

  • MINOR SOCCER:  Needs 3 board members.
  • SHEPHERDS VILLA:  Needs 2 board members.
  • FIRE/EMS DEPT:  Welcomes new applicants.
  • FIGURE SKATING:  Need 2-3 board members.
  • Little Free Library:  The Library is now open, with COVID-19 protocol posted inside.  Book donations will be accepted at the Town Office - box provided.   You can take a book, leave a book in the little library at this time, but please don't overfill it.
  • Annual Appreciation: National Volunteer Week - April 2020 - Celebrate Volunteers in our Town and Area! 
  • Arena Concession Volunteers: December through March annually.
  • AWARD NOMINATIONS: You can nominate worthy community candidates twice a year.   By February 1st for Citizen of the Year, and By May 1st for Volunteer of the Year. 
  • Gardening Skills:  We are looking PEOPLE who are interested in community gardens, growing things, talking to people etc - Hepburn Plant / Perennial Exchange Event – Volunteers with knowledge of plants willing to help organize this event.  Interested in Communities in Bloom Program?  Main Street Planters will be prepared sometime in May 2020.
  • Hepburn Fire & EMS Department:  New interested members?  Email to request an application form from the Town Office.
  • Hepburn School Volunteer Needs:  http://blogs.spiritsd.ca/hepburn/volunteers-needed/
  • Hepburn School Community Council:  Council members – 2 needed.  Contact School or Kelsie-Lynn Harms.
  • Bethany College Work Days:  Contact College 306-947-2175.
  • Parks and Rec (March annually) – Winter Festival.  General volunteers.   Contact Jennifer Becker/Lisa Braun.
  • Parks and Rec (June annually) – Fair Days – General volunteers.   Contact Jennifer Becker/Lisa Braun.
  • Parks and Rec (September/October annually) - Culture Days - General volunteers.  Contact Lisa Braun.
  • Shepherd’s Villa – board members, 1-2 people needed.  Contact Jean-Yves Marsolais or Keri Andres.  Phone: 306-947-2107.  Email: shepherdsvilla@gmail.com
  • Photographers - Young or experienced photographers are welcome to make submissions from Hepburn Events and Hepburn Life.  Photo credits will be given.   Please include your name and date of photo to the office at info@hepburn.ca