Volunteer Opportunities

(Last updated:  December 8, 2017) 



  • We appreciate hearing about the kindness of Hepburn and Area Community members!
  • UPDATE – We have 4 board members for the brand new After School Program BOARD.  Still need two more.  Are you interested?  Contact Lisa at info@hepburn.ca.


Volunteer Thanks:     *Anyone can make a recommendation for this “VOLUNTEER THANKS” slot!       

  • *December 9 – Thanks to Volunteers, Participants, & Fans for your part in the Cross Ice Hockey Jamboree on Saturday.
  • *December 7-10 – Thanks to Volunteers for your part in preparations and serving at the Bethany Christmas Extravaganza on December 10th.
  • December 1 – Thanks to Concession Booth Volunteers for serving up food and poutine for the First Home Game of the season!
  • November 30 – Thanks to Stu and Leanne Thiessen for hosting Co-Ed Adult Volleyball this fall.
  • November 24 – Thanks to Seniors Group and THE CENTRE for the Christmas Banquet and Event.
  • November 24 – Thanks to Family Movie Night Volunteers – Thanks to Parks and Rec members who ran movie night “THE EMOJI MOVIE” and thanks to parents/caregivers for bringing your children and youth to enjoy the evening.
  • November 15 – Thanks to Teddi Dear for designing and selling Museum of Wheat “Heart of Hepburn” t-shirts this fall.  Today is your last chance to order and receive one before Christmas.  Contact Teddi or the Town Office.
  • November 10 – Thanks to Hepburn School SRC for planning and running a Food Bank Drive around town.
  • November 9 – Thanks to Stu and Leanne Thiessen who are helping host CO-ED Adult Volleyball on Thursday evenings at Bethany this fall.
  • November 9 – Thanks to all the volunteer organizers of Arena User Groups, meeting to plan for the coming season, at Thursday evening meeting.  
  • November 8 – Thanks to Howler Volunteers this month – Joy Hildebrand, Cecelia Giles, and Susan Goerz.
  • November 7 – Thanks to all the Community Group Reps who attended the Hepburn Parks and Rec Board Annual General Meeting on Tuesday night.
  • November 4 – Thanks to all who planned, supported, and attended the Museum of Wheat Banquet Fundraiser.  Updates to come.
  • October 20 – Thanks to Family Movie Night Volunteers – Thanks to Parks and Rec members who ran movie night “MOANA” and thanks to parents/caregivers for bringing your children and youth to enjoy the evening.
  • October 19 – Thanks to children, youth, and adults who volunteered to make Family Fun Night at the School a great success!  Thanks to Mrs. Block and Mrs. K. for organizing the event.
  • October 6 – Thanks to Howler Volunteers this month – Joy Hildebrand, Rosemary Thiessen, Ruth Letkeman, and Aleah Isaak.
  • September 29 – Thanks to Family Movie Night Volunteers – Thanks to Parks and Rec members who ran the first movie night of the season “SING” and thanks to parents/caregivers for bringing your children and youth to enjoy the evening.
  • September 18 – Thanks to Art on Main Volunteers – Cathy Shields, Karen Stobbe, Win Tkachuk, Joanne Zavitz, Erica Baerwald, Laura Pompu, Morris Pompu, Maddie Braun, & Kailey Derksen, Sonia Goertzen.  Thanks to Jenn Becker for loaning your tent and tables! 
  • September 9 – Thanks to the Museum of Wheat Board for all their work for Saturday’s Threshing Day Celebrations.
  • September 8 – THANK YOU to Herman Fehr who has cut the ditch along the access road into Hepburn several times this summer.  Thanks for taking time to keep our road looking good.
  • September 8 – Thanks to Howler Volunteers this month – Joy Hildebrand, Morris Pompu, Gwen Schellenberg, Jordyn Crockett, Barb Ginther, & Cathy Shields.
  • August 14 – Thanks to Art on Main Volunteers – Cathy Shields, Karen Stobbe, Win Tkachuk, Mary Guenther, Karen Boldt, Erica Baerwald, Ayla Murray, Troy Prosofsky, Ken Jeschke, Jeff Peters.  Thanks to Troy, Dyan, and Melanie for loaning your tents! 


Volunteer Needs:   FYI – Anyone can make a recommendation for this “VOLUNTEER NEEDS” slot!

  • NEW:  After School Program BOARD Volunteers – accepting applications and nominations as of November 1st-December 15th – 5-6 board members needed.  Contact Town Office.
  • NEW: Public Skating Supervision Volunteers – For Saturdays and Breaks – 1-2 adults/session.  Will usually be 2-4pm slot.  You are welcome, but not required, to open the booth for serving drinks and snacks (no grill/fryer).  Contact Town Office.
  • NEW:  Arena Concession Volunteers – For Weekends and Home Games.  Contact Town Office.
  • After School Program Volunteers – More Info Coming Soon.   For ages 12 and up.  Seniors and retired individuals are welcome to inquire.  Contact Town Office.
  • Howler Volunteers – Friday, January 5 – at 1.05pm.  Contact Town Office.
  • Hepburn School Volunteer Needs – http://blogs.spiritsd.ca/hepburn/volunteers-needed/
  • Hepburn School Safety Patrol Volunteers – starting Monday, September 18.  Crosswalks are marked in the morning, and Patrollers will be out after school from 3.00-3.15pm.  This program runs from now until December 22.  All parents and students are encouraged to use the crosswalks.  Safety Patrol will not be available during inclement weather conditions, and when buses are not running.  Adult volunteers are needed to help supervise after school.  If you are interested, please contact Tania Bueckert or Leah Mallory at the school – 306-947-2077.
  • Hepburn Housing Authority – Board member – 1 needed.  Contact Jeff Peters.
  • Hepburn School Community Council – Council members – 3 needed.  Contact School or Kelsie-Lynn Harms.


Volunteer Themes:  FYI – Anyone can make a recommendation for this “VOLUNTEER THEMES” slot!



  • Bethany College Work Days – volunteers needed for various projects – watch for notices about upcoming dates.  Gardening/grounds work needed.  Contact College.
  • Community Garden Planning Group – Contact Lisa.
  • Hepburn Figure Skating – committee members, 1-2.  Contact Brenda Fyson.
  • Hepburn Minor Soccer – committee member, 1-2.  Contact Laurel Sexsmith.
  • Hepburn Playschool – committee member, 1.  Contact Joy Nokinsky.
  • Hepburn School Volunteers – various needs, see link above.  Contact School.  See Website.
  • Howler Volunteers – 3-5 people, first Friday of the month.  Contact Lisa Braun.
  • Parks and Rec (March 2018) – Winter Festival.  General volunteers.   Arena Concession Booth workers.  etc.
  • Parks and Rec (June 2018) – Fair Days – General volunteers.  Midway volunteers.   Talent Show participants & helpers.  Pet show participants & helpers.  Supper Servers. Concession Volunteers.  Parade participants – floats and bikes.  etc.
  • Shepherd’s Villa – board members, 1-3.  Contact Jean-Yves Marsolais or Keri Andres.
  • Welcome Committee – 2-3 volunteers –  in process on a “welcome wagon”- type program in Hepburn – helping gather and assemble items.  Contact Lisa.
  • Youth Movie Night Volunteers – youth positions.  Contact Lisa Braun or Olivia Kopp.