Forms & Registrations

(Last updated: October 13, 2017)

**Please send forms and links to the office at


  • Baton Twirling Interest Form – Chantelle Smith.  Register at Town Office.  Deadline TBA.  Starts TBA.  **AVAILABLE at Family Fun Night.
  • Babysitting Course Registration Form – Jennifer Becker.  Register at Town Office.  Deadline October 23.  Course October 28.  **AVAILABLE at Family Fun Night.
  • After School Program Interest Form – coming soon. Lisa Braun.  Register at Town Office.  **AVAILABLE at Family Fun Night.
  • Indoor Soccer Registration Form – coming soon.  Alvin Thielmann.  Deadline TBA.  Starts November 7.
  • Volunteer Interest Form – coming soon.  Lisa Braun.  Register at Town Office.
  • After School Program Registration Form – coming soon. Lisa Braun.  Register at Town Office.  Deadline TBA.  Starts TBA.
  • REFIT Waiver & Information Form – for classes held from September 13 until November 1
  • Playschool – September 7.   Begins Sept/Oct.
  • Minor Hockey – September 19.  Begins Oct.
  • Figure Skating – September 21.  Begins Oct.
  • Pioneer Kids Club Program – September 24.  Begins October 4.



Contact:  Brad W or Lisa B, at 306-947-2170 or


AIA Soccer Camp:  July 24-28, 2017

Saskatchewan Camp Registration

Soccer Camp

Hepburn AIA Camp Information

Contact:  Kim B, Hepburn MB Church, at 306-947-2085

AIA SK Contact:  Alvin T, at 306-491-2628

Hepburn Arena: 

Arena Rental Application Form

Bookings for Lobby/Kitchen are available.

Contact:  Tim H, at 306-947-7666 or

Hepburn Centennial Bowl:  Rental Form Coming Soon.

Bookings for parties, groups, and events are available.

Contact: Janet H, at 306-947-2192.

Hepburn Centre:  Rental Form Coming Soon.

Bookings are available.

Contact:  Lydia P, at 306-947-2440.

Hepburn MB Church Kidventure

Form Coming Soon.

Programming in Summer, Easter Break, and as advertised.

Summer Dates – July 5, 12, 19, 26.  August 9, 16, 23.

Contact: Kelsie-Lynn H, at 306-947-2085

KidVenture Program Information

Hepburn Minor Hockey: 

Contact: Minor Hockey Board.

Follow Hepburn Minor Hockey on Facebook

Hepburn Minor Soccer:

Contact: Kim B, at 306-947-7440 or Laurel S, at 306-947-4225.

Follow Hepburn Minor Soccer on Facebook

Hepburn Page at Valley Soccer – this is kept up to date with current info.

Fundraiser – Prairie Meats Form – forms due to minor soccer player, board, or town office by May 3.

Hepburn Parks and Rec Board:

Citizen of the Year Nomination Form – due February 15, 2017.  Presented at Winter Festival, March 3-5, 2017.

Volunteer of the Year Award Form – due May 29, 2017.  Presented at Fair Days, June 16-18, 2017.

Contact:  Town Office, at 306-947-2170 or Jenn Becker, Chairperson, at 306-947-2470.

Follow Hepburn Parks and Rec on Facebook.

Hepburn Playschool:

Playschool Registration Form

Playschool Parent Handbook

Contact:  Joy N, Chairperson, at 306-947-7721 or

Follow Hepburn Playschool on Facebook.

See website

Hepburn School:

See School Website for Links and Information:

Contact:  Office, at 306-947-2077

Follow Hepburn School on Instagram (link to come).

First Day of School 2017 – September 5.